Welcome back

Well I think it’s pretty fair to say it has been a truly awful 16 months but here we still are (and very grateful about that). The pubs, venues, hospitality and entertainment sector in general have had a torrid time trying to survive so it is great to see things finally starting to open up.

More than ever we all need your support.

As venues open and gigs start to come in, bands like ours (and the venues that we play at) really do need you guys to come along and support live music…or comedy…or theatre….whatever it is that you used to enjoy.

Don’t be shy, come along, have a beer and a dance and hopefully a great night out! Can’t wait to see you all again.

Here is a list of our gigs so far. Remember to keep an eye on our gig listing which will be updated as they come in.

Sat 19th June – Victors : Sunderland

Sat 26th June – Bay Horse : Felling

Sat 11th Sept – Golden Fleece : Sunderland

Sat 2nd Oct – Victors : Sunderland

Fri 12th Nov – Greens : Sunderland

Sat 18th Dec – Balckhall Navy Club

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