Next Gig : Sunday 21st April : The Clarendon, Sunderland

Our next gig at the Clarendon is definitely one for your diaries. Apart from being one of the top venues in Sunderland it is also the birthday of our “sound tech” Alfie, who will be 75 years young……probably one of the few people that can rival Keef (Richards) in the rock n roll longevity stakes !!!!

Anyone that has been to a Raw Spirit gig may (or may not) have noticed Alfie…..usually propped at the end of the bar using his bat like ears to make sure that the Raw Spirit sound is always spic and span. So come along to help the celebrations. All welcome. Beer, buffet, blues and boogying…..what’s not to like !

The Clarendon, Sunderland : Sunday 21st April 5.30pm start

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