Next gig : 21st Jan – Butchers arms, Sunderland

This Sunday it’s back to one of our favorite gigs….

……..the famous Butchers Arms, Sunderland. For those that have not been to this venue before you are missing out on a mighty fine gig. It has been a staple on the Sunderland scene for a lot of years now. Previously known as The Clarendon it used to have a bit of a reputation as being ‘a bit’ rough but don’t let that put you off. Now named the Butchers arms it is a really great little gig.

And little is the word

Yes it’s not a massive venue but that just adds to its charm and great atmosphere. Plus its always a great crowd that get in. All there to see LIVE music. So if you fancy a great Sunday tea time adventure with good beer (and a great band!!) then come along… won’t be disappointed.

The Butchers Arms : Sunday 21st January, 5.30 start.


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