Saxophone : John

10 year old John (1927)

Name : John Hall

Job : Tenor Sax

Kit used :

Previous bands :

  • Front Line
  • Jasper Hart band
  • Eat the Peach

Influences :

  • Dexter Gordon
  • John Coltrane
  • Michael Jordan
  • Michael Breaker

John (along with brother Jim on trumpet) is now the current longest serving member of Raw Spirit having joined when the band got back together over 15 years ago.  Years of tightly knit, interwoven playing with his brother have brought to the Raw Spirit horns what the Everly Brothers brought to harmonies……the kind of tightness and understanding only brothers can have. Mixed with some silky, scintillating solo’s John brings a real depth to the Raw Spirit sound.

John and Jim also have their own Jazz Quartet (with occasional Spirit members Keith Tulip (bass) and Martin Wake (drums)). If you are into top notch jazz then check them out : Redemption Jazz

John Hall

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