Concert Room Full

Deneside club : 24th Feb 2018

A big thank you to everyone at Deneside…. the committee and hard-working bar staff and of course all the people that came along to support their local club and live music. We don’t venture into the world of working mens (are they still called that or is it now working persons) clubs very often, our usual patch being the pub scene, but it was brilliant to see that if a club is run properly then the local community will support it and it can thrive. Deneside don’t usually have bands on so it was a bit of a leap of faith for them and hopefully we didn’t let you down !

John & Kirsty

From our side it was a brilliant night.

We decided to pop through on the afternoon to set up and that certainly turned out to be the correct thing to do as when we turned up on the night (about 6.45pm) the concert room was already full to capacity !!! We were joined on the night by Kirsty Everett who did a fantastic job on soprano saxophone. Even guitarist Big Jase was brandishing some newly acquired effects pedals (Boss compressor CP-1X and Boss FDR-1) so we knew it was gonna be a good night ! After a bit of clowning about we went on stage and played our full set including three encores ! Our greatest achievement of the night was to convert one gentleman who at the start of the night thought we were the worst band ever seen…. by the end of the night we were the best band he’d ever seen (alcohol may have played a part in that). Anyway it is all good fun and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening. Hopefully we will be back in the near future to do it all again………

a drummers view

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